Transfer Learning Materials

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Tools and libraries

Xfer: an open-source library for neural network transfer learning

Collection of codes:

Jindong Wang’s Github page

Awsome Domain Adaptation


Deep Learning Models for Unsupervised and Transfer Learning PhD Thesis, University of Toronto, May 2017
Transfer Learning Techniques for Deep Neural Nets , Steven Michael Gutstein, 2010
Feature-based Transfer Learning and Real-world applications, Sinno Jialin Pan

TL with EHR (new):

The Effectiveness of Transfer Learning in Electronic Health Records Data ICLR 2017 Workshop
Transfer Learning for Clinical Time Series Analysis using Recurrent Neural Networks
Doctor AI: Predicting Clinical Events via Recurrent Neural Networks
Deep Model Based Transfer and Multi-Task Learning for Biological Image Analysis

Survey: (with Reinforcement Learning 2009) (2009) (applications) (2017) (2017) (Multi-task Learning) (2015-2016)

Theory Papers:

CV How transferable are features in deep neural networks? (NIPS,2014)
CV Deep Domain Confusion: Maximizing for Domain Invariance (2014)
NLP How Transferable are Neural Networks in NLP Applications? (2016)
Summarization A Pilot Study of Domain Adaptation Effect for Neural Abstractive Summarization (2017)

New Papers

CV Joint distribution optimal transportation for domain adaptation (NIPS 17’ poster) code
One-Sided Unsupervised Domain Mapping (NIPS 17’ poster) code (?)
CV, Adversarial Few-Shot Adversarial Domain Adaptation (NIPS 17’ poster)
CV, NLP Asymmetric Tri-training for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation (ICML 17’) code
RL DARLA: Improving Zero-Shot Transfer in Reinforcement Learning (ICML 17’)
NLP Supervised and Unsupervised Transfer Learning for Question Answering (Naacl 18’) code
CV Learning to cluster in order to transfer across domains and tasks (ICLR 18’)
NLP Using millions of emoji occurrences to learn any-domain representations for detecting sentiment, emotion and sarcasm (EMNLP 17’)

EMNLP 2017

Learning to select data for transfer learning with Bayesian Optimization
Cross-Lingual Induction and Transfer of Verb Classes Based on Word Vector Space Specialisation
Cross-Lingual Transfer Learning for POS Tagging without Cross-Lingual Resources
Two-Stage Synthesis Networks for Transfer Learning in Machine Comprehension

ACL 2018

Recursive Neural Structural Correspondence Network for Cross-domain Aspect and Opinion Co-Extraction
Strong Baselines for Neural Semi-supervised Learning under Domain Shift
Domain Adaptation with Adversarial Training and Graph Embeddings paper
Two Methods for Domain Adaptation of Bilingual Tasks: Delightfully Simple and Broadly Applicable.
Domain Adapted Word Embeddings for Improved Sentiment Classification paper
Zero-Shot Transfer Learning for Event Extraction paper
Identifying Transferable Information Across Domains for Cross-domain Sentiment Classification
A Helping Hand: Transfer Learning for Deep Sentiment Analysis
Transfer Learning for Context-Aware Question Matching in Information-seeking Conversation Systems in E-commerce
Asymmetric Tri-training for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation

EMNLP 2018

Deep Pivot-Based Modeling for Cross-language Cross-domain Transfer with Minimal Guidance
Modeling Temporality of Human Intentions by Domain Adaptation
Adversarial Domain Adaptation for Duplicate Question Detection
Neural Adaptation Layers for Cross-domain Named Entity Recognition
Transferring from Formal Newswire Domain with Hypernet for Twitter POS Tagging
Adaptive Semi-supervised Learning for Cross-domain Sentiment Classification
Multi-Source Domain Adaptation with Mixture of Experts

Codes & Papers:

CV ADDA (Adversarial Discriminative Domain Adaptation, arXiv-17) TensorFlow
CV Return of Frustratingly Easy Domain Adaptation. (ICCV-2016, Best Paper)
CV Domain-Adversarial Training of Neural Networks (JMLR-16) TensorFlow
CV Deep Hashing Network for Unsupervised Domain (CVPR-17) Matlab
CV Correlation Alignment for Domain Adaptation Matlab
CV Zero-Shot Learning by Convex Combination of Semantic Embeddings
CV Learning Transferable Features with Deep Adaptation Networks (ICML, 2015)
NLP Transfer Learning for Speech and Language Processing (2015)
NLP Multi-task Autoencoders for Domain Generalization (ICCV-15) Keras
NLP Google’s Multilingual Neural Machine Translation System: Enabling Zero-Shot Translation (2016)
MT Transfer Learning for Low-Resource Neural Machine Translation
NLP, recsys TransNets: Learning to Transform for Recommendation (2017)
NLP A Practitioners’ Guide to Transfer Learning for Text Classification using Convolutional Neural Networks (2018)

Earlier Papers:

Self-taught Learning: Transfer Learning from Unlabeled Data (ICML 2007)
Self-taught Clustering (ICML 2008)
How Transferable are Neural Networks in NLP Applications? (EMNLP 2016 long)

Presentation Slides and Talks (Video) (2014, tutorial, Yangqiang)

Resources, materials and interesting ideas: (2014, list of papers, tutorials)
Fighting Offensive Language on Social Media with Unsupervised Text Style Transfer
Deep Text Style Transfer
Multilingual embeddings (2017)
Transfer Learning in NLP (2018)
Meta-Dataset: A Dataset of Datasets for Learning to Learn from Few Examples

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