AAN.how: All About NLP —— New 2022 Release: over 24,000 resources and over 7,000 lecture notes!

🎉 We are pleased to release the new, 2022 version of the AAN database with over 24,000 resources and over 7,000 lecture notes. Visit aan.how!

2022 TutorialBank

This update includes 19,765 manually collected resources with valid URLs, meta-data, organized by topic.

We also release an extra batch of 5,001 resources. These resources have valid URLs but some meta-data or topic annotations are missing.

Visit:  https://github.com/Yale-LILY/TutorialBank 

2022 LectureBank

This update contains 7,104 URLs of course lectures. We have removed all duplicates and broken URLs. 

Visit: https://github.com/Yale-LILY/LectureBank 

New NLP Taxonomy

We use a classification scheme, CLICKER, for NLP resources. This scheme is based on an analysis of online lectures from 77 university-level NLP courses. The latest version of the classification scheme (taxonomy) includes 320 topics. It is intended to label educational materials and not so much research papers.

Visit the taxonomy: https://github.com/Yale-LILY/LectureBank/blob/master/taxonomy.csv

Read our paper: https://arxiv.org/abs/2112.08578

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2 thoughts on “AAN.how: All About NLP —— New 2022 Release: over 24,000 resources and over 7,000 lecture notes!

  1. aan.how is currently 403 Forbidden. It is a wonderful database and helped me a lot with gathering resources. I wonder what has happened to it.


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