Slideshare (9): Transfer learning tutorial 2.0

Please check my notes for an updated version about Transfer Learning with NLP tasks: Irene_TransferLearning_2020Spring A brief outline: Transfer Learning with word embedding Pre-BERT times BERT and its variants Understanding, reducing BERT Transfer Learning in the real world   Also, visit my A brief Introduction on Transfer Learning notes from 2019 Spring.

Slideshare (6): Cross-lingual Paper reading notes

During this summer, I did a project on cross-lingual NLP tasks. Recently I was working my notes and I organized them into a better format. I would like to share some of the notes with the readers who might be interested in this topic. Cross_lingual_NLP(PDF) Papers covered: A Robust Abstractive System for Cross-Lingual Summarization MASS:Continue reading “Slideshare (6): Cross-lingual Paper reading notes”

Prepare for the Interviews!

For the past few years after my Master’s, I did many jobs, long term, short term, internship, or full-time. I also had too many interviews, some of them I failed. Together with my friends, we had collected many materials, including basic algorithms, popular questions, basic machine learning knowledge, and deep learning knowledge. Then I organizedContinue reading “Prepare for the Interviews!”

Slideshare (2): Machine Learning Recap Slides sharing

Few friends with me did some works together since last October. All of us were looking for jobs in machine learning or deep learning. We all agreed that we need to review some interesting algorithms together. We had a draft of machine learning algorithms (part 1) during this new year: Click here for a fullContinue reading “Slideshare (2): Machine Learning Recap Slides sharing”