Expanded AAN.how: Learning NLP Made Much Easier!


More resources!

We have almost doubled the number of manually collected resources since our previous release, now totaling over 13,000. 


Vote and Save! 

Vote for and save your favorite resources so you can learn later. You can now sort resources on the search page according to medium (e.g. tutorial or lecture). 


Under the action tab you can bookmark the resource for later or copy it to your clipboard and send to a friend! 

Then head over to your Reading List (available under the “Dashboard”) to read those saved pages!

As before, you can always search resources according to our taxonomy of over 300 topics. 


Image Search!

We also provide an image search engine. Just simply type in keywords or phrases. The results will include relevant images and the corresponding resources, which you can save to your reading list too by using the “Actions” button!


Search individual slides!

Sometimes you might want more fine-grained search results. For that reason, we let you search and save individual pages from tutorials and lectures. 


Build a personalized project!

If you want to work on something exciting but don’t know how and where to start, our website will help you with a list of useful and relevant resources. You can start learning towards a project from a title and abstract from our project page as well as save your favorite tutorials, slides, images and papers from our reading list feature available from the Dashboard. 

Add a new project and fill in with some descriptions:


Then our website is going to suggest the main related topics:


AAN will also suggest a list of resources:


Start Now!

Create an account to access all features, and please let us know what you want us to add next!

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